Exclusive : Piers Morgan Tonight to integrate twitter into live show

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Piers Morgan created a storm of anger surrounding his latest experience with Delta, but CNN s man of controversy is taking his show to the next level.

Announcing today on twitter, Piers told his followers that for the first time his live show would be fully interactive, accepting questions from tweets during the program. This kind of integration could set off a trend for live TV, as we have not seen tweets feature prominently on major networks.
Whether this kind of twitter innovation can bring the Piers Morgan Tonight show to a new social height is unclear. If it generates a ratings boost, then this would pave the way for a new trend in interactive journalism.

Does social media integration into live TV have benefits? With audiences able to interact with live programming, there is a huge potential in generating viral growth for these shows.

Piers Morgan on Twitter : "Tuesday's @PiersTonight will be first fully interactive Twitter show - I'll ask guests questions from live tweets as we go."

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