Exclusive Interview: Liam Neeson talks Battleship duties

The 'Battleship' is about to blast its way on to our screens this week and what better way to fire the first shot than to get the commanding shout from the admiral himself.

Liam Neeson has been in the 'blockbuster' spotlight ever since he challenged Christian Bale in 2005 hit 'Batman Begins', directed by Christopher Nolan. After a string of successful movies including the critically adored 'Taken' and the popcorn fun of 'The A-Team', Neeson once again becomes part of the action in this spring's biggest budget thrill. Also, Neeson fans will be anticipating the 3rd and final outing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, in which he also stars. It's going to be a big, explosive year.

Check out our web exclusive of Liam Neeson's interview for this month's Ink Magazine which is out in stores today. Get a little sneak peak of Admiral Shane before he takes control of the fleet on May 18th. We salute you sir!

Liam Neeson interview: The Admiral takes control

Ink: How did you get involved in Battleship?

Liam: Pete Berg (Director) called me up and said, “Do you want to be the Admiral of the Fleet?”  I said, “What is that?”  He said, “You get to call the shots, you get to come to Hawaii for a few days, and everybody salutes you.”

Ink: Do you have any seafaring experience to draw upon?

Liam: Paul McCartney took me sailing and tried to give me a sailing lesson about ten years ago. It was one of those little skiffs, you know, those little plastic boats.

Ink: You have been in fourteen movies in the past two years. You’ve been working a lot in film lately.

Liam: It’s either feast or famine in our business. I believe in making hay while the sun shines. Work is work. To be honest, it’s great to have the opportunity.

Ink: How did you enjoy working with Brooklyn Decker?

Liam: Brooklyn was lovely. She plays my daughter, Sam. She’s a good actress.

For the full interview check out Ink

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