Even Shia LaBeouf wouldn't go ahead with this insane performance art

Performance artist Wyatt Burns has outdone Shia LaBeouf 10-1 by filming himself doing something that could have killed him if the video had been a few seconds longer.

Burns decided to film himself lighting up 100 cigarettes simultaneously and inhaling all the fumes by funnelling the smoke into a plastic bag overcoat, which he wrapped himself with. (video below)

Taking a blowtorch, Burns lights up all the cigarettes within the space of 20 seconds, wraps the plastic over his head and the smoke quickly shrouds him in a haze

While some may be amused by the sheer bravado of such a stunt, inhaling just a few breaths of that volume of smoke could have been fatal given that he would have suffered almost instant carbon monoxide poisoning and burned his lungs.

As cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, including battery acid (cadmium), Polonium-210 and radioactive uranium isotopes found in nuclear reactors, it's a pretty bad idea to increase the exposure in such a short space of time as all those chemicals are being inhaled faster and in a denser volume. Don't try this at home!

100 Cigarettes video

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