Equity: a trade union for the performance industry

Present only in the UK, this trade union offers advice and representation on behalf of it´s 36,000 members. It also helps prepare a 5,000 Student Member community for it´s future in the industry.

Since 1930, Equity has strived to aid varying professions in the performance sector: actors in feature films, theatrical performers, radio voice-overs and circus acts amongst others.
It takes charge of difficult aspects of the industry such as the National Insurance status of artists, entertainment licensing, venue closures, BBC license fee, and tax structure for film-makers, credits on television and intellectual property rights.

“We have brought about fair payments and fees for artists; health and safety regulation; an outstanding royalties and residuals structure; members' pension and insurance schemes; supported individuals and groups of members; taken a stand on their behalf and made a difference in countless ways.”

A portal for finding jobs

The trade union not only fights to improve terms and conditions, it also promotes job finding. With a Directory of members and advanced search categories, employers are able to search and find exactly what they are looking for. Each member can display their skills as well as details about their physique to give them a bigger chance to find the right role in the creative industries.

Equity is active

This trade union actively takes to the streets to support its members and promote its interests. For example:

  • Equity campaigns to preserve the performance industry with it´s rally “Lost Arts” at a moment when the British sector is faced with huge spending cuts.
  • It aims to bring to light the imbalance between male and female roles in theatre. Equity has presented a “equal representation to women petition” to manifest it´s opposition.
  • Another petition named “Save Twickenham Studios” strives to go against the closure of one of the top film productions studios in the UK.


Website: http://www.equity.org.uk