Entertainment news site Bloginity partners with LifeMinute TV

Bloginity, one of the largest entertainment news blogs in America has partnered with LifeMinute TV, opening a new channel for all things celebrity and fashion.

With blogs and online journals becoming a premiere source of breaking news, sites like Bloginity have a hugely important role in the entertainment industry by providing high quality content articles, and the latest videos.

As the publishing industry changes moving into the next decade, blogs are set to go mainstream, as the alternatives to portals like CNN.

Video is booming with youtube fueling the demand for short form content, and websites will have to catch up and constantly innovate to be competitive.

Bloginity s partnership with LifeMinute TV will pave the way for a large online library delivering lifestyle, beauty tips, fashion show coverage including Award shows.

LifeMinute TV video crews travel around the world to the biggest media events providing coverage on lifestyle trends and behind the scenes footage.

Bloginity Videos and latest celebrity news

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