Entertainment grinds to a halt ahead of hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm set to hit New York hard

New York is grinding to a halt this evening as officials prepare for a massive 800 mile wide 'Frankenstorm' that will hit the east coast on Monday.

Major entertainment events this week have been cancelled in light of the storm's progression towards the coast, which could affect up to 60 million people in the coming week.

According to THR, Jimmy Kimmel will continue to broadcast despite a city-wide shutdown, using backup generators if necessary during the storm. The power outages could put millions in the dark for days as wide-spread damage will likely hamper power companies to repair broken lines.

Local film productions have been halted, while entertainment events were cancelled including the 'Anna Karenina' premiere with Keira Knightley, with a rescheduled red carpet opening yet to be confirmed.

President Obama in the past hour has addressed reporters about the response to the storm, with FEMA firmly in place to help people on the east coast cope with supply shortfalls and power outages.

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