Eminem reaches out to 14 year old girl for school interview

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, USA - Eminem made a fan s dream come true when he got in contact with her after she made the daring attempt to get an interview with him.

The iconic rap star was a big influence to eighth-grader Annie Reed who first heard is songs when she was five. Attending Bloomfield Hills, Mich., school, Annie was given the daring assignment by her Kenny newspaper instructor Gechter. Instead of writing a biography about Eminem, he encouraged her to go all the way and see if she could get the scoop.

After a lot of research Annie found and contacted Eminem s management. Just days later, the two got on to a phone conversation and spoke about Em s hits, his favourite rappers, and what his beliefs are. Annie speaking about the interview with Eminem said :

"He was really funny, too. Mr. Mathers said an education is very important and that he's 'just a big dummy.' "

If Annie can reach out to her favorite icon, maybe others can too. Sometimes the most impossible things become possible with determination and belief.

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