Eminem gives kudos to Kanye West in No Love

DETROIT, USA - Eminem's recently released 'No Love' music video alongside Lil Wayne shows 'some love' to Kanye West.

At the centre of controversy last year for his VMA outburst, Kanye West is getting major respect from Eminem in his newly released 'Recovery' album. Eminem's new outing, a personal rebirth, has given him inspiration to bring back some of the antics witnessed in the now classic Marshall Mathers LP, with a clear conscious, and a focus on the competition once more. Famous for his rap song insults, twisted with dark humour, Eminem in 'No Love' sings:

"Look at these rappers, how I treat them, so why the f*** would I join them when I beat them?...Man, get these whack c***s****** off stage, where the f*** is Kanye when you need him?" The humorous reference is a subtle but powerful twist in the song, which shows how Eminem respects his ability to have no fear to say what he thinks. Often, Eminem is criticized for his outbursts, and counter attacks, like the Mariah Carey diss or the Limp Bizkit take-down, but Kanye seems to have taken a steeper fall from his mic takeover.

The next verse in 'No Love' continues with : "Snatch the mic from 'em b****, i'mma let you finish in a minute, yeah, the rap was tight."

Like all singers at the top of their game, the pressures of the music industry often way in at critical moments, and it is hard for audiences to fathom why their favourite aritsts lose their cool in front of millions. Although the Kanye diss incident showed a certain weakness in his moral, West later apologized profusely to Taylor Swift about the outburst.

It is likely that many in the music industry are awaiting a Kanye West comeback, and Eminem can certainly relate to that, as his own 'Recovery' didn't happen overnight.

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