Angry editors force Apple to re-sell Final Cut Studio?

It looks like Apple has backtracked somewhat from Final Cut Pro X by allowing customers to buy Final Cut Studio 3 via telesales.

When Final Cut Pro X was released, professional editors from TV to film criticized the new version as it was completely different, had no backwards compatibility and lacked highly needed features from previous versions. Final Cut Pro X was a much cheaper product for the editing market, starting at $299.99 but pros felt cheated by Apple’s obvious switch to the consumer market.

Final Cut Pro X is the ‘Disney’ version of Final Cut Studio for editors because it doesn't incorporate the most needed features such as multi-camera editing, and makes it difficult to share files across the web. What the new version does is re-construct the way files are organized, so of course, many editors who learned how the older software worked were baffled as to why Apple decided to completely change the foundation of its editing suite.

With the re-release of the old school Final Cut Studio, do you not get the sense that Apple is looking for a stop-gap measure while it tries to bring out a new update to Final Cut pro X?

What do you think about Final Cut pro X vs Final Cut Studio 3?

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