Dutch animator makes Christmas Day extra special

Dutch animator Martijn Cornelissen recently completed a very humorous Christmas animation, which centers on a Bunny that walks blindly through an avalanche.

The illustrator and animator’s creativity shines through in this humorous short film that is the perfect gift for those of you looking for a few minutes of entertainment this Christmas Day. Check out Martijn’s creation below and be sure to discover his portfolio of work and other animation movies underneath. ‘Hod Kerstwens’ features a funny Christmas soundtrack on top that adding an extra layer of worthy cheese to digest as you watch it.

If you happen to discover some Christmas animations that are far superior to Martijn’s work, feel free to share them below in our comments section. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Bunny vs Avalanche Short Film

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Martijn Cornelissen website : martijncornelissen.nl

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