DreamWorks cancels Eminem movie

Eminem was set to return to the big screen after 10 years in Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Southpaw’ but the film has been cancelled.

Eminem’s last outing at the cinemas in 2002 hit ‘8 Mile’ was not only a huge box office success, but it won critical acclaim. The rapper turned actor delivered a quiet, but determined character that wanted to make it big, and had to overcome incredible obstacles to pursue his dreams.

‘Southpaw’ tells the story of an upcoming boxer who becomes a welterweight champ only to face a brutal tragedy that he must overcome to get back to the top. The film had a budget of around $30 million but DreamWorks has yet to give a clear indication as to why they scrapped the shoot, scheduled to start in 2012. Speculation suggest that the studio felt there were too many fighter movies coming out in the next year, however there are likely other factors to consider.

Eminem fans may be dismayed at this latest revelation but don’t count the rapper out just yet. It is likely this movie will get made down the line if the elements remain in place. We could well be seeing this greenlighted by anther producer. Do you think Eminem should make a return to the big screen or should music artists stick to their game and leave acting to actors? Just looking at ‘8 Mile’, I can see the huge potential in Eminem’s next outing, but will his fans follow the rapper to the big screen once again?

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