Don't Think, Just Shoot!


As announced in our December newsletter, The European Independent Film Festival (ECU) is partnering up with Lomography for this year's festival edition. Originating from the former USSR, Lomography is a special kind of camera that defies all the rules of taking pictures. Keeping the tradition of film alive, Lomography allows photography lovers to experience the passion of taking photos without rules or boundaries. The goal is to have fun and capture the moment! Watch the creators of the Lomography community show you how:

At ECU 2010, you can learn what every single camera has to offer from the Lomo experts themselves. But best of all, you get to play with them! Participants are invited to enroll in the CU-LOMO Photo Competition using Lomo cameras to shoot anything related to the festival. The theme is yours for the making! Prizes for the best photos will be awarded, including an exposé at the ECU after party and Lomo goodies, of course.

Keep checking the CU blog as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages for more Lomo- ECU news. Until then, pump up the colors and register the moment. With no rules, of course!

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