Donald Trump bashes NY Daily News over "false report"

Did 'The Donald' get advice from kids?

Donald Trump fired back against the NY Daily News for revealing a disturbing, personal story about his comments on Obama, that have since largely backfired.

In the report, a source reports that Trump's kids, Ivanka Trump, Donald Jr. and Eric, discussed his Presidential bashing during the campaign, and asked him to "tone it down".

The three apparently met at his Fifth Ave. office to tell him that his comments were "too much". Despite this, in the report, Trump's rep denies this to be true, and that the meeting never in fact took place.

Trump then went on his personal Twitter account to add to the denial, with a direct attack against the reporter who wrote the story:




What we can't verify is the source NY Daily News refers to. Could this have been wishful thinking to get some added coverage? There is a fine line when the word 'source', 'insider', 'friend of ours' is used in coverage. If it can be proven with stronger wording, an actual name, reputable reference, then this would have probably put Trump in an awkward position. However, he can deny it, and there's not enough proof right here to counter it, for now.

Trump's past comments have been negatively viewed, and a petition asking Macy's to 'fire him' attracted 670,000 signatures and a whirlwind of added negative media coverage. This was indeed his own personal PR fiasco, but Trump may have an avenue to turn things around, depending on how he deals with his past behaviour and gets on with his work in the future.

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