Disney says no to Johnny Depp pic ‘The Lone Ranger’

Johnny Depp would have starred in Disney’s epic western ‘The Lone Ranger’ but the film studio has suddenly decided to halt production according to Deadline. In fact, the production costs were way above the $200 million mark proving to be too much for Disney executives to agree too.

Even with Depp’s interational superstardom it makes sense why Disney would want to lower the overall budget. The risks involved are huge despite the name talent in the project. 'Pirates Of The Caribbean director' Gore Verbinski would have done a superb job, and I am sure it would be a thrilling ride for audiences. On top of that, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing, it had all the muscle behind it, and the right people to make this a big hit.

However, if you take the current budget, estimated at $232 million, that is quite an enourmous investment for a movie. Blockbusters are lucrative but some have failed to materliase the returns and at the end of the day making a movie is not just about the art, it’s about the business.

I wouldn’t count The Lone Ranger out entirely. In fact, it is likely Disney and its partners will find a way to make this pic work at $200 million but expect a release date delay.

Were you looking forward to seeing ‘The Lone Ranger’?

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