Disney confirms it has removed Bill Cosby statue

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has taken down a bronze statue of embattled TV personality Bill Cosby after a petition urged the resort to remove it due to ongoing allegations of sexual assault.

Disney confirmed this morning that they had proceeded in removing the bust from the Hollywood Studios theme park when it closed yesterday.

The statue of Bill Cosby faced a backlash from World Resort customers who felt that it didn't have a place in a family-friendly theme park. A petition launched by Brittany Gavrilova on Change.org gained 272 supporters asking for its removal.

New disturbing documents made public this week revealed that Bill Cosby testified in 2005 that he had acquired a powerful sedative called methaquaione to give to women before sex. Cosby's lawyers failed to keep the documents secret which may now have ramifications for other cases filed against him.

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