Directors UK

Directors UK

Directing is like a multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle with egos and weather thrown in for good measure”. - Director Delyth Thomas

Since 2008, Directors UK has represented over 4,000 Directors working in different medias. Previously knows as DPRS, this society strives to represent directors' interests: enhancing their rights, ensuring payments are made, and ensuring that copyright law is respected.

Directors UK goals

  • To offer representation and support to all screen directors based in the UK
  • To ensure the director's right to copyright is respected and recognised
  • To ensure the Director's role is one that will be respected
  • To offer a variety of films and television programs that are diffused forming part of the UK industry
  • To achieve equal aims for all workers
  • To develop and promote future talent
  • To offer a strong community of united Directors

How to become a member

The cost for a yearly membership is £10 a month (£120 per year). For students, the rate is halved at £5 a month. Previously, this association was directed solely at film and television directors, however now it´s target audience is much wider including directors of short films, musicals and commercials.

Directors UK offers a great variety of services from legal advice to camera masterclasses and an events calendar offering classic screenings and networking events.

Events 2012

During the month of March, members will hold a series of meetings on the road in the following cities: Norwhich, Brimingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol and Cardiff.

In April there will be an opportunity for a networking session to connect the members of Directors UK with a debate about the future of British Independent Film. On the 11th April, a special pre-release screening of Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald´s documentary "Marley” will be shown.