Understanding digital marketing will push your films further

Digital marketing in the web space is of paramount importance as we move into the New Year, and what filmmakers must understand is that they have the capabilities to use the power of the web to their advantage.

There are many websites out there streaming digital content, which are all accessible, including rev shares, content syndication schemes, without forgetting the power of blogs. I am not going to put an exhaustive list of examples in this article, but what I am going to reveal to you is just the kind of attitude you should adopt to really push your films out there.

For indie filmmakers, and even actors who have participated in low budget movies, you can further boost the success of films by understanding the concept of digital marketing. Viewership is a great performance indicator of success, particularly with engagement on Youtube but promoting videos on a wide variety of outlets including Vimeo should be a priority. Many Film festivals and most, if not all TV distributors, won’t accept that you put your film’s online, but you can put up trailers, and previews of your content. Don’t let yourself do 10% of the work when the other 90% is what really matters.

It’s so easy to create video content, so get creative, don’t just think about your movie, think about it’s shelf life online. Go beyond the call of the movie and reach out to the people that will become your biggest fans time and time again.

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