Digital content libraries worth gold if protected internationally

From indie filmmakers to film producers, film studios and TV networks, the value of digital content could be immense if it is properly protected around the world. The subject of digital piracy has been tackled to a large extent, thanks to the work of the MPAA, ISPs, copyright organizations and film studios, but it is still not enough to solve the issue.

We still live in a world where high quality content such as TV shows, movies, or short films are free to watch. When I say free, I mean, you can download them, watch them for free and not pay a dime to the content creators. It's everywhere, so how do creators make money? They don't, so the value goes down, and the content gets cheaper, to turn a profit. Hollywood movies get worse because great releases are pirated, and its only the big blockbusters than can get people flocking to cinemas.

The bigger problem in my view is an international agreement to protect digital content doesn't really exist despite the fact that the web crosses all borders. It is after all a '2nd Earth'. If developing countries like India and China were to clamp down on piracy, then all the global film industries would benefit. Even people who believe downloading is ok, would soon understand how paying for content benefits them in the long run. The quality of production will be higher, their communities will be rewarded for their work, and their own personal wealth shall increase.

Imagine that you download a movie for free, and your neighbor just spent the last 6 months working on the production but doesn't get paid because millions of others downloaded it without paying. What happens to him? He can't pay his bills, his rent, and has to move out. That means his spending power is reduced. You, the watcher, might be working at an office providing marketing services to people. Well, that neighbour who just moved out used to be a customer of yours. Now your business/ employer has less customers, and might even have to lay you off. Ok, that's a pretty extreme example, but everything has a knock on effect. You wouldn't work full time for free would you?

So coming back to the point about digital content libraries : Because everything is moving online, from DVD to digital downloads, CD to MP3s, it's important to protect that, because giving it value will restore the balance in the economy. The industry will once again thrive and you will be better off, but that won't happen unless countries come together and prevent the theft of digital content.

At the end of the day ISPs, film studios, content creators, distributors and governments need to work hand in hand to protect work, and come up with solutions to solve this once and for all. I hope that it can be achieved. As long as digital content is pirated, the desire to pay to watch movies and shows will remain low and digital sales won't cover the loss of physical ones.

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