Death of Brittany Murphy hangs over Sin City 2 : Petition launched

Brittany Murphy's death in 2009 still raises suspicion in Hollywood and a petition has been launched calling for the case to be re-opened.

As we approach the summer opening of 'Sin City : A Dame to Kill For', fans of the original film still wonder whether Murphy's tragic death was not properly investigated.

The actress who starred in 2005 hit 'Sin City' was reported to have 10 heavy metals in her system after her father commissioned an independent toxicology test. It was suggested that she did not die from natural causes after hair strand samples were tested showing she had been exposed to various toxins including barium found in rat poison.

The original investigation concluded that the actress had died from pneumonia and a combination of legal medications in her system.

It is still unclear why the second independent toxicology test has not led to further reviews of the original case.

A petition launched by Damon Gonzalez has so far received over 500 signatures for the case to be re-opened and highlights several lab tests that allegedly confirm Murphy was poisoned.

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