Dani Shay is the next Justin Bieber

Dani Shay, until this week was just a '22 year old kid' doing covers on youtube, but 'his' latest Justin Bieber style video, had more to it than most.

For one thing, Dani Shay is, literally, Justin Bieber. She looks like Bieber, and her mannerisms are all too similar to the youtube star, so why is she covering Eminem? This could be the best female turned male Bieber lookalike in the world, and so far, the video has gathered over 200,000 views.

We will see what happens in the next few days as the new Bieber Kid gets a closer inspection from the media and all the Rebecca Black haters looking to target someone else.

Is this viral youtube phenomenon something we are going to see more and more? Who is the next youtube star?

Dani Shay : Eminem cover (Justin Bieber lookalike)

Dani Shay on youtube

CORRECTION : Dani Shay is a female artist. Apologies. That's how good this lookalike is.

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