Could Rihanna and Eminem's Love The Way You Lie song be a movie?

Music videos with Rihanna and Eminem are some of the most viewed on youtube, such as Love the Way You Lie , 'No Love' and 'Hard'. Could songs also be turned into movies?

With youtube now a mainstream and vital part of the entertainment industry, big artists have managed to reach out to their fans across the network with their lyrical tracks turned into music promos.

In recent memory, Kanye West was the first musician since Michael Jackson to succeed in taking the role of a film director in his latest project Runaway . Extended music videos never really had a place on MTV until youtube showed up.

Is it time to bring back mini music video movies to the internet screen? With millions of fans around the world, and huge demand for short form content, could we not see an evolution into music video movies once more?

Eminem and Rihanna are just two of the many talented artists with their own unique blend of style who could pull off a mini music-movie together. If artists and filmmakers were to create such a collaboration online, the future of the music and film industry would be even more relevant. This would also take the best qualities of both to produce a new format, and not just a typical musical.

This is the dilemma record labels face today, how to create new revenue streams and change the face of music against digital piracy. If pre-roll and banner ads can catch up on youtube, premium advertisers, labels and distribution companies have a shot at reinventing the wheel online. But without enough revenue per ad impression, the dilemma remains. Should content be so free? Is there a return on investment after the creativity has reached new heights?

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