Compose Yourself: 2010 so far after SXSW....

How's life since SXSW?

In a nutshell; shooting, booking, planning, stressing, crying tears of joy, crying tears of frustration, blood, sweat, and oh yeah, tears. No, but really. Moving on, this summer had a pretty damn good variety of shows and festivals, although it was the worst summer for concert series we've had in over a decade (according to ticket sales, anyway).

Lots of bands came through the US, making up for cities they've noticeably missed in the past (I'm talking to you, Minus the Bear, and your lack of desire to set foot in Dallas. Thanks for making the trip this time,very much appreciated.) Electric Daisy Carnival was insane, with a crazy amount of attractions and art installations as it jumped off first in Denver in June and continued into August hitting select cities. I think I can safely say that techno's grabbed a very secure spot in the music scene; every song is being remixed into a new electro hit. And along with it came the sounds of wobble and bass, brought to light by Dubstep's most promient DJ, Rusko. But to keep the balance, I've always had a spot for my reggae smooth jams, living and loving on bands like Slightly Stoopid and the Supervillains. Without that kind of soundtrack, my life would have no peace.

Sorry for the delay, my life is like a suitcase with the wheels off track. It's hard for me to keep up with myself.


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