Colin Firth's The King's Speech a Golden Globes winner?

'The King's Speech' is tipped to win big at the 2011 Golden Globes Awards later today, but can Colin Firth take away Best Actor?

While the early buzz surrounding the Golden Globes is pointing towards 'The King's Speech', David Fincher's 'The Social Network' is also seen as a major contender.

'The Social Network' was one of the most hyped and talked about movies of 2010, not surprisingly, with a fan base of over 500 million.

Praised not only in the US, but also the UK, 'The King's Speech' has become a hit and its timing is also notable, as we are just a few months away from the highly publicized Royal Wedding.

Colin Firth's approach to his role as George VI is one of his greatest performances, portraying the frustration and also the fragility of a man who battles an embarrassing stammer.

Helena Bonham Carter on Golden Globes nominations

Co-star Helena Bonham Carter was quick to mention her views on the nominations, and its importance relating to getting the attention of the Oscar. However when it comes to Colin s Golden Globe nod, she told the Press association : "I've had a Golden Globe nomination before and then didn't get an Oscar nomination. But I presume Colin will get one and I presume Colin will win."

The King's Speech trailer

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