CNN Host Fareed Zakaria suspended after stealing New Yorker story

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria has been officially suspended after it was revealed that he had stolen sections of another story for a Time Magazine article.

Writing in detail about 'The Case for Gun Control' the Time Magazine columnist used sections of an essay in The New Yorker's April 22nd issue as if it were his own work. Parts of the opinion article were taken from Jill Lepore's work according to a statement issued at the bottom of Fareed Zakaria's post.

CNN also reviewed a shorter article written on its website that discussed the same topic and has also suspended the host in light of the recent incident.

PR damage control for Fareed Zakaria offense

Time Magazine has to protect its reputation and the only way it can do so is to ammend the article (which it has done) and review Fareed Zakaria's submissions. It will also have to ensure that lapses have not occured elsewhere from an editorial perspective, and they will be taking this very seriously. A world brand like Time cannot afford such a mistake.

From CNN's point of view, it's obvious they can't sit back and indicate that they are ok with Zakaria's lack of judgement. They have suspended him because it shows their commitment to good journalistic standards, but it is likely they will want to get Fareed Zakaria back sooner than Time as his work covers a different scope with the network. They will however want to get assurances from him that he does a more thorough job when it comes to his journalism.

Zakaria has also apologised for his actions : Statement (at the bottom of the article)

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