Christina Aguilera had severe stage fright when singing at Super Bowl?

News continues to circulate about the epic mistake Christina Aguilera made when singing the Star Spangled Banner , but was the pressure too much?

Critics have been quick to condemn Aguilera from being Not American to having to go back to school and getting educated again. Whatever the reason for her lyrical mistake, the singer may have faced stage fright, which is a difficult issue that musicians often face and must overcome.

There is no event more viewed in America than the Super Bowl, and so the stakes are high for any slight mistakes. The reason Christina might be getting so much flak is because it s a huge embarrassment for a respected singer not to know the national anthem. On top of that, it doesn t send a great message to Americans about their idols, who should, after all, be prepared for such a prestigious event.

However, stage fright is an issue that the public may not know enough about, which hinders even the most iconic of artists when performing live. After all, with a huge audience around you, there can be a sense of being overwhelmed . In other words, she knows the anthem, but was really nervous. Let s cut her some slack

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