Christian Bale wins, shows love to Robert De Niro at Golden Globes

Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Fighter and while the British star was having a great night, he didn't forget to point out to Robert De Niro about his greatness.

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Bale's appearance was notable, as the usually well preserved and immaculate Batman Star looked scruffy and unwashed. The actor joked about his appearance that it symbolized his unemployment, as he had not made any movies since 'The Fighter'.

What was more intriguing was his speech about Robert De Niro, which got cut off by the music.

Bale was vocal about his support for Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall backstage, telling reporters "I just told him he's the sh**. You see an actor of that caliber and Robert Duvall. I don't know if he's here those guys are the sh**."

Robert De Niro receives DeMille Award

Robert De Niro was honored with the iconic Cecil B. DeMille Award which takes notes of actors who make outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment .

The actor is an icon for his incredible career and the roles that he has portrayed. From 'Taxi Driver' to 'Heat' alongside Al Pacino, the star is an inspiration not just to his fans, but to fellow actors who look up to him as The Master of acting.

Golden Globe Winners

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