Chris Christie sued? This is how Hollywood handles bridge traffic

The accelerating scandal surrounding Chris Christie and New Jersey residents fuming over a bridge traffic fiasco has created a drama so over-the-top it's necessary to turn this into fiction.

And there's only one place that can truly bend the facts beyond reality and that's in the movie industry, which has taken an everyday hassle into something of a spectacle. How many movies have you seen where the traffic was so bad it became a story in itself? We practically can't avoid it, especially in action blockbusters. Somehow, people getting stuck in their cars has become a national pass-time. It defines people. It brings out their true nature. It affects them in new ways.

What happened in New Jersey is no laughing matter, and appeared to have been manufactured according to several publications but we're now way beyond the politics and it's just time to relax.

So without further delay, here are some of the most overly dramatic traffic scenes, and how Hollywood depicts them.

Tourists in a taxi

Using a taxi to avoid traffic the hard way

How police officers deal with traffic

When disasters affect traffic and people

How car thieves deal with bridge traffic

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