Chris Brown to get a second chance?

LOS ANGELES, USA - The annual BET Awards was a star studded event, but beyond all the smoke and mirrors, there was one man that shined above the rest; Chris Brown.

A broken, and emotional Chris Brown performed his Michael Jackson tribute only to end it in tears in front of a cheering audience. Brown has struggled to regain momentum after the Rihanna assault last year almost ended his career, but he may now have something to smile about. According to MTV, Jermaine Jackson was overcome with emotion watching the performance and praised Brown's dedication to his brother. "He deserves to perform, because it's healing for him...How can he learn from his mistakes if you don't give him a chance? Jackson told Extra.

The BET Awards was also attended by the music industry's biggest stars such as Eminem, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Prince. Alicia Keys performed a solo piece while Eminem sang I'm Not Afraid from his new album Recovery and the Airplanes Remix. Prince was given a lifetime achievement award and Keke Palmer, won the YoungStars Award. Kanye West also made a performance with T.I, his first major public appearance since the infamous Taylor Swift diss that was widely condemned by millions.

Despite the controversy surrounding Chris Brown's performance and the countless critics who believe that his emotional breakdown was a pr stunt, there appears to be a double standard in the industry. Charlie Sheen, who threatened to kill his wife recently signed a 2 year contract with CBS and is getting a reported 2$ million dollars per episode of Two and a Half Men.Also, Tommy Lee, who assaulted Pamela Anderson repeatedly, continues to work in the industry without criticism.

It would seem that the entertainment industry has no room for error when in actual fact this couldn't be further from the truth. If CBS can forgive Charlie Sheen, why can t others forgive Chris Brown?

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