Chris Brown smashes window on Good Morning America after Rihanna Q&A

Chris Brown took an unfortunately violent turn backwards as he fumed after being asked about the Rihanna incident on Good Morning America.

According to several reports, the troubled musician took his rage out on a window backstage at the GMA studio after kicking up a fuss about the question. Whether host Robin Roberts was out of line about the difficult question is up to viewers, but the news doesn't help him .

Word about the incident has become a major news headline as his violent behaviour shows us a dark side to Chris Brown, that doesn't seem to be under control..yet.

MTV released a tweet that the star posted before taking it down, which ties in with how people are dealing with Charlie Sheen.

"I'm so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t."

Does this mean that the star will be going to Anger Management therapy, rehab, community service or taking time off again?

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