Chris Brown gets Rosie O'Donnell support after Sirius XM Show

Chris Brown might be getting some negative heat for is GMA outburst, but an unlikely supporter has raised their voice defending him.

Rosie O Donnell recently spoke out about Brown's behaviour after finishing her radio program. Brown had been near-universally condemned about his Good Morning America window break, but O'Donell sympathized with him because of his upbringing. Brown has not had an easy childhood and it is understandable that the music star has a few personal issues to take of, particularly when facing constant media pressure and gossip.

Despite the difficulties he faces, he has overcome incredible odds to become one of America's biggest music icons, reaching number 1 with his F.A.M.E album this past week.

Rosie O Donnell tweets : "He was held accountable - he did his service - the judge commended him - he grew up in a violent home - he is only 21," O'Donnell tweeted. "He is a victim too."

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