Charlie Sheen wins at Chicago Theatre show

Charlie Sheen took Chicago for a ride as the audience cheers his spectacular comeback after a near Tour killing performance in Detroit.

From Bi-losing to Bi-Winning the actor now has momentum to push his next Tour date to the edge. The crowd applauded his random thoughts on actors, show business and crazed stories people heard about him.
Sheen unveiled mysterious, and confusing ideas about himself and others, while entertaining a pumped up audience that at times, screamed random abuse.

The atmosphere was adrenaline fueled at the historic Chicago Theatre, while Sheen was interviewed for 90 mins and the fans got what they paid for, at least, for now.

Those who were critical of Detroit have now been silenced by the huge comeback Sheen has displayed on his latest tour date. Does this mean the actor will rebound ever further and make this tour a big success?

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