Charlie Sheen should return to Detroit after Cleveland winning

Charlie Sheen got another standing ovation at the end of his Cleveland show, which takes the Bi-winning actor to 2-1 on the scoreboard.

Detroit was a bad omen, and an instant non-classic for the wizard who was almost certain of victory infront of his many warlock fans. This turned out to be not true, but with Chicago and Cleveland behind him, he has many torpedoes of charm to use on his next scheduled stop.

Is Sheen taking his new career to an epic high with his My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour ? There are many dates left on his lineup, but the actor might want to consider going back to Detroit to set things straight.

Reviews of Charlie Sheen in Cleveland

The Cleveland audience was completely into Charlie Sheen's act as he casually talked about his desire to return to the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. He even mentioned he'd be willing to make amends with former boss - SheKnows

In some ways, Sheen s Cleveland stop was a homecoming of sorts. He acted as a Wild Thing pitching star for the Cleveland Indians in two Major League movies. - Detroit free press

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