Charlie Sheen made Ashton Kutcher more famous

Charlie Sheen's glorious 'Two And a Half' Men death was greeted by a record audience of 28 million but how does his legacy affect Ashton Kutcher?

For one thing, if it were not for Sheen's huge 'winning' explosion after his firing from the TV show, the suspense for the new series would not have been so high. In fact, because of Sheens onscreen antics, Emmy coverage and Comedy roast, the promotional impact of his actions have boosted Ashton Kutcher's fame as the new show sets in.

The hype surrounding the future of Charlie Sheen's onscreen demise was so intense that thousands of bloggers, fans, journalists and critics took the web ahead of the show to share their opinions, expectations and own reflections on Charlie Sheen's career.

Ashton Kutcher takes on his 'legacy' in a different role, but his star appeal is now far higher thanks to Charlie Seen's media storm. He may even eventually live up to his star power (that is, if he goes nuts). In the end the news is good for Charlie, and for Kutcher. Now what will happen to Carlie Sheen on TV? Is his comeback and payday coming for lost Two And A Half Men episodes?

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