Charlie Sheen creates genius viral marketing campaign for himself

Charlie Sheen has accomplished an incredible PR feat since axing his publicist Stan Rosenfeld, one of Hollywood s top publicists. Whether you agree with what Charlie has to say or not he has captivated millions in a few short days.

Not only did the ex Two And A Half Men star become an overnight sensation on ABC, but he boosted Piers Morgan Tonight ratings to an all time high. Let s face it, he has been more talked about than Oprah Winfrey s new OWN Network.

How did this happen? Why are we so in to this hype? Firstly, he is saying some pretty over the top, radical statements, taking shots at CBS and Warner Bros, showing love to his Hollywood friends, and giving audiences what they crave: Entertainment.

Since his rants and public one liners went viral, he turned to twitter. As soon as that was up, he got over 500,000 fans in day. Now he s close to a million. Where Charlie Sheen excels is his own viral ability to make people talk about him.

He is the perfect blend of controversy, and self-proclaimed greatness that have made his own ego almost a character out of The Big Lebowski . You could say he was a real life Hunter S. Thompson interpreted by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas .

What adds to his viral nature, is the quotes machine. His one-liners are being recycled and spoofed on youtube with thousands of videos a day being uploaded with remixes, commentary and parodies.

When will the madness end? Only Charlie knows.

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