Charice Pempengco will return in five episodes of Glee TV show

Charice Pempengco, the newly found star of the Glee hit TV musical series will be back in five new episodes towards the end of 2011.

The young actress and singer is a rising pop phenomenon with her incredible Whitney Houston style voice and range of chords. Pyramid featuring Lyaz has well over 25 million views on youtube and the star is set to become a major name in the coming years.

Charice has also appeared on Oprah, and stunned the show host when she performed live for the studio audience in 2009.

Glee s creator Ryan Murphy told ABS that She s coming back in a big way. We re finishing the year with her. She's coming back for five episodes at the end of the year. She's gonna be great. Lots of big, big ballads for Charice.

Pempengco also received praise from the shows director who is particularly fond her her character and shares her enthusiastic approach to the series.

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