Cast Chris Pine in a new Star Trek TV series

Star trek actor Chris Pine has what it takes

I don’t know why this hasn’t been brought up before but why isn’t there a new Star Trek TV series starring Chris Pine? After the 2009 revival of ‘Star Trek’, audiences have been introduced to a new captain Kirk which they can finally relate to in the 21st century.

With Star Trek 2 heading for a summer 2013 release there is a lot of expectation and hope that the next movie will eclipse ‘Star Trek’ which brought a whole new element to the franchise.

Going back to 2005, the last episode of Star Trek : Entreprise went out with a fizz. The new series didn’t have the magic of TNG, Voyager or the original. But more importantly, it didn’t have a leading actor that made it work. When you look back at Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), Captain Kirk (William Shatner), and Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), all those characters had something special. Those actors brought a new dimension to storytelling in the Star Trek universe. They had strong leadership that audiences wanted. In addition to that, they had that magic charisma that Scott Bakula didn’t have in a leading role. He could never shake off the legacy of ‘Quantum Leap’, which I think hindered his approach to the series. It felt like a miscast to me, but Chris Pine has what it takes.

With a big international audience hungry for all things Trek, Pine is the perfect choice to lead a series, and there are some great casting avenues for that from the 2009 hit, and beyond. Will a new Star Trek TV series ever come to screen with him in mind?

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