Cannes Film Festival fan Jay Schroeder makes iconic poster remake

Chicago based photographer and visionary Jay Schroeder has taken on the concept of this year's Cannes Film Festival and brought it to America.

Every year, the Cannes Film Festival releases an iconic poster, which gets a lot of discussion, heated philosophical debate about what it means, and whether there is a hidden message to it. The world's largest film festival after all, has been going for 64 years, and everything they release has to make some kind of message and impact.

To your right you 'Cannes' see how Jay took this year's poster and re-created the same concept and design, with the help of model Jessica De Oliveira.

Having been to the festival last year, but missing out this time round, Jay was determined to remember it with something cool. What do you think? Can you do your very own Cannes design?

Check out Jay's work here

64th original Cannes Film Festival Poster

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