Can music videos like Avril s What the Hell be even more sexy?

Music video distribution used to have a lot of restrictions on MTV,   VH1, but youtube gives film directors and singers like Avril Lavigne more freedom.

Take a look at Avril Lavigne s What The Hell . The singer is down to her undies in this video, while other artists are trying to do the same or wear less.

Miley Cyrus was condemned in her Who Owns My Heart promo for dancing with older men in a club and being blindfolded on a bed in lingerie , whilst Lady Gaga went all nude in the explicit version of Telephone .

Sexy is not new, but showing it is, and it looks like this format will get played with much more, like Madonna did in the 80s. How much further will music artists and film directors push the sexiness of their videos? Should there an internet watchdog, or is it all good?

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