Bruce willis to Die Hard with 50 Cent?

LOS ANGELES, USA - Action fans are feeling the sting from this unwanted team up with Die Hard star Bruce Willis and rapper 50 Cent.

The action hero is in talks with 50 (Curtis Jackson) to star in a heist movie called 'Set Up', or as many Bruce Willis fans are blogging, 'let down'.

A newly announced $200 million 10 picture deal set up by Entrepreneur Richard Jackson, Randall Emmett and George Furla's Hedge Fund Film Partners will provide financing for 'Set Up', which will reportedly be distributed by Lionsgate and Grindstone entertainment.

No stranger to danger, Bruce Willis has entered talks to star in the upcoming movie along with Paul Walker, another contender for a co-starring role.

Despite the news, many have already frowned at the possibility of bringing him in on this kind of project. Willis, who is known for his sensational role in Die Hard has continued to push his action man persona onto the big screen, and is one of America's most hard working stars.

The new film will evolve around a diamond heist that goes horribly wrong midway, turning deadly as it escalates into a nightmare scenario. Mike Gunther will direct the film according to variety, but so far, the reaction has been negative.

Despite the huge success of rapper 50 cent in the music world, the film industry has  a lesser view of his acting capabilities, and is not genuinely recognized as a legitimate actor. Although this may be harsh because the transition from a music to career to one of film is difficult to achieve, 50 may get more fueled anger sent his way because of the style of music he is known for.

Rappers have often turned to the big screen and some have succeeded in creating memorable characters, so no one can rule out this won't work, nor should they necessarily be overly critical of 50 cent before seeing the completed picture. In-spite of that fact, many are questioning why Bruce Willis should say yes to this and whether Die Hard 5 will be first on his list.

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