Britney Spears Gun video should be re-edited

Britney Spears' new video 'Criminal' has become something of a crime as it has been accused of glorifying guns.

Shot in the UK just after the London riots, Spears in one scene is fleeing a building in Hackney holding on to a gun. Although I can't say for sure what the story use of it is, it certainly does no favours for her public image.

What is particularly sensitive about the issue is that of the London riots, which only took place this August. There is still some community unease about the violence and such a popular video could prove controversial and flair up some tension. As the video was shot in parts of London, it has been criticised by the local councillor Ian Rathbone who gave this statement earlier:

"It is only a music video, but it's images like this, with pop stars glamorizing gangs, which means that some young people ... get drawn in,"


With 'Criminal' in mind, what is Britney looking to promote with her latest single? This does sound a little bit off message for her young fans, particularly in the UK which is strongly opposed to gun possession. I hope that this video will be edited down to avoid promoting gun culture.

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