British weather at the 2011 Oscars a sign of Colin Firth's victory?

The 2011 Oscars is just hours away amid grey and gloomy British weather. Can Colin Firth s masterful portrayal of King George VI earn him an Oscar?

This year, Colin Firth is on a career high with praise from audiences at home and abroad in his outing in The King's Speech which garnered even the Queen s approval. For a Royal to publicly endorse an actor s portrayal is unprecedented. Is this a pre-approval to greatness?

So will the British weather help the Brits win big this year? Lest we not forget Christian Bale is also in the running for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for The Fighter . Geoffrey Rush will also compete in this category for his portrayal of Lionel Logue in The King s Speech . Both actors have been awarded at the Golden Globes, but the Oscars are never a sure thing.

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