Brad Pitt movie World War Z pulling out of Philly after credit freeze?

PHILADELPHIA, USA - Brad Pitt s World War Z had been rumored to shoot in the area but after The PA Film Tax credit program was halted, the production is set to go elsewhere.

The vital tax credit breaks were giving the local film industry a huge boost with a large slate of productions set to shoot in the coming months. However, due to the local budget review, all film tax credits have been suspended.

Due to the nature of film productions, when there is little benefit of shooting in a location, it will move elsewhere. There are many competitive states across the country offering generous tax incentives, although recently some are set to get the axe.

Do big movies really depend so much on the tax credit programs with multi-million dollar budgets? How much impact does a star like Brad Pitt have on the local community? Not forgetting that the film industry employs many skilled workers, and benefits other industries such as tourism.

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