Beyonce Knowles disappointed after her entire album is leaked online

Beyoncé's new album '4' has been leaked on the web 3 weeks before its commercial release, a reality which many musicians face.

Her new music video 'Run the World' was recently released on youtube to promote her upcoming album, but fans are now able to listen to it for free.

Musicians often face this issue ahead of their album's release because songs get 'accidentally' put on youtube, and then get copied by fans, who repost them. Once an album is leaked, there is very little a company can do to stop the songs getting taken down.

Beyoncé issued a statement to MTV about the leak saying : "While this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response."

Will fans wait for the official release, or should Beyonce and her record label speed up the promo now that its online?

Run The World Music video

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