Behind the scenes at the film industry network 21/12/09

There have been a lot of developments over the past week on the site, which I hope will bring more opportunities for you to tell us who you are!


The membership registration will allow you to have your own profile picture, a biography and an automated link for your website (should you have one).

I am excited about this feature, as it will give people the freedom to discuss articles here on the site, to share their questions and to engage in the community. If you have just discovered this, then try it out! I will answer questions you send me and I am sure others will.


There is so much talent on the network and it is important to give you the most exposure. Every month, picture galleries will feature unique work from all styles (on set stills, portrait, landscape you name it)

Keep sending those portfolios in to [email protected] . More exciting showcases to follow.

More to follow!

film industry network members