British Board of Film Classification

The BBFC is an independent Media content regulator. The not-for-profit organisation oversees classification in the UK to protect audiences from potentially harmful images. Its fees are approved by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Films, games, advertisements and DVDs submitted to the BBFC are examined in detail with recommended cuts issued to creators if required for specific classification criteria. In order to create a transparent process, the BBFC’s board of examiners come from a diverse background of professions including journalism, law and marketing. Content classification is an important process for the UK film industry and is constantly reviewed as public opinion changes over time.

BBFC Website

The BBFC website includes a film library of recent classifications as well as tools for submission and guidance for retailers. Content creators can use an online calculator to determine the cost of classification depending on the type of distribution.

BBFC Classifications

  1. Uc  – Universal particularly suited for children
  2. – Universal
  3. PG – Parental Guidance (Some scenes may not be appropriate for children)
  4. 12 – Suitable for persons aged 12 or over
  5. 12a – Suitable for persons aged 12 or over accompanied by an adult
  6. 15 – Suitable for persons aged 15 or over
  7. 18 – Suitable for persons aged 18 or over
  8. R18 – Explicit content suitable for persons 18 or over