Battle : Los Angeles proves critics can t scare audiences

Another alien attack on earth failed to disappoint audiences, as Battle : Los Angeles rose to the top of the Box Office.

Hollywood has turned yet again to the fantastical premise of earth being attacked by aliens, as the genre proves to be a hit with the general public. Movies such as Spielberg s 'War Of the Worlds' starring Tom Cruise are just proof of that. Slammed by critics, and even audiences, they still turned up to watch the film. Are trailers becoming so catchy and thrilling that no matter how bad the potential, it becomes inevitable for us to watch? Sometimes all it takes is a good concept turned cheesy to encourage audiences to flock to screens.

Will Smith s outing in Roland Emmerich s Independence Day was a box office smash when it came out, and was a thrilling ride.

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and stars Batman actor Aaron Eckhart. He plays Seargent Michael Nantz, part of a platoon that faces off with the alien scum.

Battle: Los Angeles trailer

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