Ashton Kutcher won’t revive Charlie Sheen’s TV show

Two And A Half Men’ will never be the same without Charlie Sheen, and even Ashton Kutcher admits he is irreplaceable.

In stark contrast to Sheen, Kutcher’s feet are firmly on the ground, in the eyes of many and despite the successes of Charlie’s ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour’, the TV star is looking a bit glum with this recent news.

What can Ashton Kutcher bring to the table in the new series, that will match or overtake the ‘genius’ of Charlie Sheen’s charisma? Will audiences even switch on to see Kutcher in this role?

‘Two And A Half Men’ remains the most popular TV show but with a shift in gears when the series production continues, CBS and Warner Bros will have to eye the ratings very closely.

Die Hard fans of Sheen won’t take another look, but the gossip surrounding the show starring Ashton Kutcher will definitely be ‘cleaner’ than the drug fueled one we have seen.


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