Will Ashton Kutcher deliver Adonis DNA rhetoric in new series?

Ashton Kutcher takes over from Charlie Sheen this September as Walden Schmidt in the new Two And A Half Men series, but will fans stick to the show?

Charlie Sheen took ‘Two And A Half Men’ two Three and a Half Men earlier this year after he went on a ‘bi-winning’ assault against his former bosses who decided to axe him from the show. With Charlie Sheen’s antics, the media hype around his downfall will turn towards Ashton Kutcher’s ability to deliver some witty humour to audiences hungry for more comedy.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for ‘Two And A Half Men’ but Ashton Kutcher is a formidable actor and execs wont have to deal with a drug fuelled persona off the set. I think Ashton Kutcher is a good choice for the series but I don’t know if die-hard Charlie Sheen fans will stick to his humour.

Sheen does have this “Totally Bitchin’ Rockstar from Mars” lifestyle that adds to the shows own hype that Kutcher doesn’t. Let’s see how Kutcher's on-screen and off-screen humour plays this coming September.

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