Arnold Schwarzenegger comeback as an actor and movie producer?

Arnold Schwarzenegger fans will be excited to hear about him reading three scripts that could see him back in action. What is even more interesting is a recent report suggesting that he wants to have his own production company too.

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After his term as the Governator was over, he revealed that he had lost some $70 million in earnings over the course of his term. This was the estimated salary he would have gained if the star was making movies since 2003.

Schwarzenegger may not be sizing up to become 'Commando' just yet, but the actor creating a production company could be a wise move.

Arnold Schwarzenegger film production

A source close to Schwarzenegger revealed that thanks to the experiences he gained from being in office, Arnie has a lot of financial knowledge :

Arnold always was business-savvy, but now he is adding the experience of budgeting in one of the biggest and most turbulent economies in the world."

The action star with his own production company sounds like a Planet   Hollywood idea that could become a big name. Arnie has the contacts; local and world wide connections to lure film production to California and make deals happen.

Will Schwarzenegger take his acting talents into film production and become the next Jerry Bruckheimer and Terminator all in one?

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