Angelina Jolie top earner thanks to The Tourist, Salt

Angelina Jolie has topped this year's Forbes rich list earning $30 million from two hit movies which were panned by critics.

It just goes to show no matter how 'bad' a movie is perceived to be, it can still earn big at the box office. 'The Tourist' was condemned by many critics including Ricky Gervais who used his comedy to heckle the movie at the Golden Globes. Many asked why it was even in the selection, but that's what added to the fun of the Awards Ceremony

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp's star power, among the pre-release hype made 'The Tourist' a box office winner. It earned over $280 million in worldwide sales. Jolie's outing in 'Salt' was also had a worldwide run of more than $300 million in takings.

Jolie is one of Hollywood's leading actresses and has a hugely successful career thanks to her choices in films, which are often commercial successes and appeal to big audiences. She is currently working on her first directorial debut.

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